Schools Get Involved in NAIDOC Week 2020

Bonnet Bay Public School, Macdonald Valley Public School and Briar Road Public School are three of many schools across Australia participating in NAIDOC Week Celebrations from Sunday 8 November to Sunday 15 November, 2020. Events would usually take place in July but were postponed due to the risk of COVID-19 at the time.

The students from these schools have memorised and recited together a traditional Acknowledgement of Country and traditional custodians which was filmed for a NSW Department of Education video shared to encourage others to participate in the week. In addition, students learned an Aboriginal song and played traditional instruments during the performance.

The NAIDOC Week 2020 theme is “Always Was Always Will Be” which organisers describe “acknowledges this nation’s story began at the dawn of time and didn’t begin with documented European contact.” Read more about how to get involved at the official website HERE.

See the NSW Department of Education Video HERE.
Photo Credit: NSW Department of Education.