New Funding Opportunity for NSW Student Leaders to Create Sustainability Projects

NSW Education have announced new grants for NSW public schools with the purpose of empowering sustainability-focused projects. The four-year project aims to give, “the opportunity to develop innovative hands-on projects” for students.

Popular initiatives such as “Waste Warriors” and “Planet Protectors” involving the introduction of new waste disposal methods and waste audits are popular student-led initiatives which centre around this focus on sustainability.

The first round of grants are open to applications from 1 November 2019 and will close 29 November. Examples of projects that funding could be used for include, but are not limited to, saving energy or water, planting trees and establishing food gardens, improving biodiversity, improving indoor comfort and air quality, increasing opportunities to ride and walk to school or encouraging waste avoidance and recycling.

Read the full original article, and read about applying for the grant, at the NSW Education website HERE.
Photo credit: As appeared in original article by NSW Education.