Student Leaders Driver Safety Project

Student leaders from Bialik High School have created a campaign to educate their peers about driver safety.

The students set up a driving simulator set up at Bialik High School, which students could use at lunchtime. Students using the similator were encouraged to speed. “Unsurprisingly, each student crashed within seconds,” reported Grade 11 student Max Laxer. “We reminded them that there is no second chance in real life.”

As part of their campaign, the Bialik students gave a presnetation to students from other high schools to encourage others to stay safe by buckling up, by not speeding, by not texting while driving and by not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Photo: from left, Ally Steinberg, Jessie Caron, Max Laxer, Zahava Sochachevski, Ally White and Jake Bier. Photo credit Montreal Gazette.