Top 10 Photos from the National Young Leaders Day

Halogen Australia host the annual ‘National Young Leaders Day’ in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The recent season of events has concluded, and Halogen have released 10 photos that capture some of the special moments and unique aspects of this iconic annual event. The photos are below.

1) Cosentino and the Bowling Ball. Cosentino the Grand Illusionist was using a flat flip chart to explain a point, when a bowling ball fell from inside, captured mid-fall in this photo.

  2) A Photo of the Photo. A unique feature of these events is that thousands of students are able to get photos meeting their heroes. This photo shows students gathering for a photo with world champion swimmer, Cate Campbell.

3) An Exciting Idea. Students are encouraged to share leadership ideas with each other. It seems that this student just heard a great idea!

4) Rolemodel. This student has brought along her cricket gear to be signed by Melbourne Stars bowler Holly Ferling. A striking resemblance, and no doubt a personal rolemodel.

5) Lobby Line Dance. During a break time in the foyer, the team at ‘Dance Curriculum‘ taught a dance, and students from hundreds of schools gathered together to burn some energy.

6) Cal Wilson Wisdom. Cal is known for her comedy and for TV appearances on shows such as ‘Have You Been Paying Attention’. Amongst the laughs, Cal shared her softer side. This photo captures her sharing some of her internal wisdom, from the heart.

7) The Face of Fear. Check out the expression of this student, invited onto stage to hold a real crocodile as part of a segment by Reptile Encounters.

8) Love for Liv. Channel 10 TV host Liv Phyland was one of the much loved hosts of the National Young Leaders Day. A wonderful rolemodel for girls, lots wanted a hug from Liv. The joy was genuine from Liv too, as snapped in this photo.

9) Chatting from a Distance. This student is preparing to ask a question from the very back row, to a speaker on the stage. It’s an example of the connection and involvement that the National Young Leaders Day seeks to foster, even amongst a crowd of thousands.

 10) The Fun of a Day Out. A day out can be a great experience, and a day out ‘focused on leadership’ can have wonderful results for the whole school. These students were captured enjoying themselves during one of the event breaks.

Halogen Australia will soon announce dates for the next season of the National Young Leaders Day (Nov 2019 – March 2020). For more information visit