The Speakers Chosen to Inspire Students at the National Young Leaders Day

Halogen Australia has released the full line-up of speakers who will inspire students at the upcoming National Young Leaders Days (listed below).

Every year the National Young Leaders Day provides primary and secondary students with a unique opportunity to hear prominent Australians share lessons from their own leadership journey. There are two noticeable features in the line-up. Firstly, there are numerous speakers who are travelling to speak at multiple events, giving students in all cities the unique opportunity to hear from high-profile interstate speakers. Secondly, there is a significant proportion of strong female role-models amongst those who will share their story with Australia’s upcoming young leaders.

The full list of speakers is:

Cate Campbell: Current swimming superstar (speaking at both Sydney and Brisbane events).

Tim Diamond: General Manager of well known fashion and retail brand, the Cotton On Foundation (speaking at every event).

Leisel Jones: One of the most loved Olympians in recent times. (Speaking at all Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide events).

Cal Wilson: Popular comedian, TV personality and author. (Speaking at Melbourne primary student event, photo by Giulia McGauran.)

Cosentino: World famous illusionist and author. (Speaking at Melbourne secondary and Sydney primary student events.)

Uli Latukefu: Actor in TV’s Doctor Doctor, Netflix hit series Marco Polo and the Alien movie franchise. (Speaking at Brisbane and Melbourne secondary student events)

Alex Blackwell: Recently retired vice captain of the Australian cricket team, holds numerous records. (Speaking at Brisbane secondary student event.)


Dr Jordan Nguyen: STEM leader and genius inventor (speaking at Sydney secondary student event).

Liv Phyland: Well known TV presenter (host of all events in Sydney, Perth, plus primary events in Brisbane and Melbourne.)


Holly Ferling: One of cricket’s fastest bowlers (speaking at Sydney and Melbourne events, and Adelaide secondary student event).

Matt Cosgrove: Award willing children’s author, best known for ‘Macca the Alpaca’. (Speaking at Perth and Brisbane primary student event).

Teigan Nash: TV host, much loved since her time on Saturday Disney (host of both Adelaide events, plus secondary events in Brisbane and Melbourne). 

John Coutis: World famous speaker, who shares about life without the lower part of his body. (Speaking at Brisbane primary student event.)

For full bios of each speaker, and for all event details go to: