Recycled Christmas Wonderland

Mackay Central State School’s energy-efficient Christmas display was a huge success as parents, students and community volunteers all came together to create a Christmas wonderland using recycled items.

The artistic project aimed to honour the school’s multiculturalism as well as encourage waste management practices.

Mrs Baynton  explained where the idea sparked from. “Our Filipino communities, back in their homeland, don’t have the money to be able to buy the Christmas stuff that we do in our western society,” she said.

“So they came up with an idea of connecting back to their youth and their homeland, while also educating our school and our students about the fantastic things that you can do by reusing all of the rubbish that we usually throw away.”

By bringing Filipino traditions to the school, Ms Santiago claims it has helped to create a unified community and has taught students an important lesson on re-using he products we throw away.

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Photo credit: Teisha Pope as appeared in ABC News