Lithgow Students Assist Victims of Domestic Violence

Lithgow High School students rallied together to create 100 emergency kits to assist those suffering domestic violence. Year 7 and 8 students from the Yindymarra Migay Aboriginal girls’ sewing group made crafted bags that included a range of sanitary items assisting women and children in crisis. The bags also included a white ribbon and cultural artwork with messages of hope.

“We will probably never meet the women and children who receive these bags, but we hope that each bag will show them how much Lithgow cares and how much each survivor deserves respect and love,” said members of the group, Ella Zorz and Katie Martin.

Darryl Goodwin, Lithgow’s White Ribbon ambassador said “These bags are amazing and will absolutely help the people who run from domestic violence, the women and children who leave with nothing,” he said.

After the annual assembly students made their way down to the oval. Wearing white t-shirts , they stood in an outline of a white ribbon to show their respect.

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Photo credit: Alanna Tomazin as appeared in Lithgow Mercury.