Suncoast Christian College supports family’s over in Tonga

The recent Tongan volcanic eruption had the world in shock, with its power felt across 5 continents it sent many coastline country’s into frenzy with a tsunami warning being issued. Suncoast Christian College a school on the Sunshine Coast dedicated their first fundraiser to this tragedy, raising money to support family’s that have been affected.

The year 12’s fundraised by selling ice cream, Tongan foods and by getting the school to wear the classic tropical shirts for a gold coin. They the event on during lunch time and put some music on and have fun with the school while supporting this amazing cause.

Not only did they do this, but they took it a step further and educated the school during an assembly to raise awareness to what had happened. During the assembly some of the year 12’s performed a traditional Tongan Hymn called ‘Ilonga ha taha which is about the lost taking comfort.

Photo Credit: Suncoast Christian College Facebook Page