Its Ok Not To Be OK

Mental health is an ongoing struggle throughout the world today.Statistics show that 1 in 7 people between the age of 4-17 are facing this struggle. Unfortunately, this struggle became a reality to Max Beros, a college prefect at Trinity College Perth.

Max struggled with anxiety throughout his younger years of high school, making it hard for him to even go to school. After the years battling anxiety, he came to the conclusion that ‘its ok not to be ok’. Fast forward to 2022, Max bravely shared his story with his entire school letting the boys know that ‘its ok not to be ok’.

The school has now partnered closely with the Blue Tree Project, an organisation that focuses on spreading awareness about men’s mental health. Max, alongside the rest of the prefect group, recently ran a blue tree week in their school. Students wrapped trees in blue, spray-painted blue trees on the oval and even wore blue during their sport matches. Most importantly, they let everyone know that ‘its ok not to be ok’.

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Photo Credit: Trinity Collage Facebook page