Sharing Stories to Stamp Out Racism

Ahmed Omer and Obsa Shafee first met at primary school in Ethiopia, and have been friends ever since. (Pictured)

Ahmed is now the school captain at Cosgrove High School, but his experiences are very different from when he started three years ago.

After encountering racist comments from other students, Ahmed and other migrant students worked together on a plan to help stamp out racism at their school.

“We told our stories, how we got to Australia and what it meant for us, and then we had a pledge that they sign — a promise that ‘I will stop racism,'” he said. “I feel welcome and really, really part of my school community now. Once you share your story with them they will open up really quickly and they will share their story with you.”

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Photo credit: Loretta Lohberger as appeared in ABC News Article