Kalbarri Students Build a Thank You Board

Kalbarri District High School students recently saw their comunity devastated by Tropical Cyclone Seroja.  Using debris from the cyclone, students have built a Thank You Board to express messages of gratitude to the local community.

The Thank You Board was developed by a group of Years 7-9 students as a project during the school’s weekly enterprise class, where groups of students work together to create something of benefit to the local community. The board is an opportunity for the students and wider school community to express their resilience and strong spirit following the trail of destruction that was left by the cyclone back in April. In the days and months that followed, many individuals and organisations helped the school get back on its feet.

The timber frame and screws holding the board together came from a wayward roof that happened to land in a teacher’s back yard.

“The Thank You Board is an illustration of the fact that while Tropical Cyclone Seroja delivered a great deal of devastation and heartache, it also highlighted the fantastic spirit of our community and the willingness of our fellow Australians to help out in times of need,” said Principal Michael Ostaszewskyj.

Article and photos originally appeared on Department of Education website HERE.