Riverside High School Students Get Mullets for Mental Health

Riverside High School students have organised a fundraiser involving having their hair cut into a mullet to raise awareness and funds for mental health. The campaign which is called “Mullets for Mental Health” has raised more than $1900.00 so far with 17 students and teachers sporting a haircut after the first day.

Year 10 student, Jordan Cordwell, who started the idea said, “I think it’s very important to make sure we reach out to people and make sure everyone is doing okay and make sure we ask people ‘are you OK’,”

“Getting people to sign up and actually get the cut in front of the whole school is quite a big thing to do so very proud of the school for that.”

A live audience assembled to watch the hair cuts taking place with cheering and laughter making the experience even more enjoyable.

“They initiated it. They’ve organised it all and driven it all,” said Principal Natalie Odgers.

“There’s a sense of fun about it and lots of teachers have joined in as well, so I think that’s added to the atmosphere.”

The students are hoping to fundraise at least $3000.00 through the event.

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Photo Credit: Paul Scambler and The Examiner

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