‘Public Speaking’ Podcast Series for Student Leaders

Student Leadership News is pleased to have released a special 7-part podcast series to help student leaders improve their public speaking.

The series is co-hosted by Andrew Strong and Ronan McGinniss from GRIP Leadership, who help train tens of thousands of student leaders each year.

The episode titles in the podcast series are:

  • The Essential Steps of Preparing a Speech
  • Tips for Being a Good Storyteller
  • How to Select Stories for Your Speeches
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Technology
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Audience Interaction
  • Dealing with a Disengaged Audience
  • Strategies for Nervous Speakers

The episodes are released fortnightly as part of the ‘Student Leadership News’ podcast which can be found on any podcast platform. For simple info on how to subscribe to our podcast CLICK HERE.

Photo: Rove McManus was one of the most popular speakers at the National Young Leaders Day in Sydney on 2nd March 2020. Student Leadership News are proud to be the official media partner of the National Young Leaders Day