French and Australian Students Connect After Bushfires Burn Down School

Students from a school in Fromelles, France have sent gifts to the students of Clifton Creek Primary School in Victoria to encourage them after recent bushfires. Clifton Creek students have been attending another school in a nearby town after their school burned down.

The letters were delivered by Diane Pratt, a local resident who is friends with the French teacher who worked with students to create the letters and gifts. “He told me the children from the Cobbers School wanted to help. He told me the older kids were making pouches for wombats and the younger ones wanted to write messages for the students and draw pictures,” Ms Pratt said.

The letters were in both French and English which Mrs Pratt said caused a “good laugh”. The Clifton Creek Primary students plan to exhibit the gifts and letters in their new school campus after rebuilding.

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Photo Credit: The North Central Review