Managing Anxiety in Year 12

Year 12 has been shown to cause high anxiety students with added pressure due to workload and personal and external expectations to finish school well. Edith Cowan University has curated the following tips to help Year 12 students manage the extra pressure:

1. It’s less the goal and more how you think about it
Working towards goals is shown to be highly beneficial for students (and others) alike, even when the goals are not fully realised.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others
Setting goals, however, must be designed for you to be able to perform well according to personal experience. It is essential to be able to look at your own goals and not let others achievements make you feel worse.

3. Break goals up into small steps
It is important to be able to effectively make a plan to achieve goals by looking at small, achievable steps along the way.

4. Don’t put all your eggs in one goal basket
Make sure to look at multiple areas of your life that you are passionate about and can set goals in. This is particularly helpful because having multiple goals means that one failure does not make you overly disappointed.

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