Suncoast Christian College Students Organise “Fluro Friday” Mental Health Event

Suncoast Christian College Year 11 student leaders have run an inaugural “Fluro Friday” event to raise awareness about mental health at their school. They ran the event by partnering with not-for-profit company “One Wave is All it Takes”.

The students came up with the idea after recognising a need to start the conversation about mental health at their own school. Suncoast staff member Mark Beard said the students did a great job at “breaking down the stigma” around mental health issues.

The student leaders organised a wall on which peers could stick fluro notes about their own personal concerns, as well as a panel to speak on the topic in front of the school including students and One Wave is All it Takes Founder Grant Treblico who flew from Sydney to take part.

To read more about One Wave is All it Takes click HERE.

Photo credit: Suncoast Christian College