Students Save Pets

Kinross Wolaroi School recently had a member of the Animal Welfare League come and share about the challenges facing the charity, which provides foster homes for dogs and cats whose owners are unable to take care for them.

Now aware of how the charities challenges were impacting the fostered pets, the students took it upon themselves to make a difference by fundraising to help cover the charities costs.

After a student led effort, Kinross students donated more than $3500 to the Animal Welfare League, along with food, toys, blankets and other necessities. Jasmine Smart, a member of the charity, said, ‘The money raised will allow them to vaccinate, medicate and provide some of the necessities animals need’.

Read the full original article on Central Western Daily HERE.

Photo: Catherine Frost and Cooper, Hugh Thompson and Willow, Jasmine Smart and Baxter, Bradman Gavin and Stella, Mel Ross and Disney Dog and James Thompson. Photo Credit: CARLA FREEDMAN as appeared in Central Western Daily.