New Leaders for a New School

Adelaide Botanic High School will open in 2019, providing a unique opportunity for a group of students to be the inaugural school leaders.

The school has launched ‘SYNERGY’, their student leadership program, as one of their highest priorities. The program consists of three strands; Endeavour, Advocacy and Unite. Students joining the team will undergo a series of workshops that help build the team dynamic as well as develop personal leadership character.

Emily Taylor, from GRIP Leadership, was part of a team who traveled to Adelaide to be involved in training the new group of student leaders. “Adelaide Botanic High School are setting up their leaders to be visionaries, change makers and people who leave a legacy” Taylor said.

Even before the school is officially opened SYNERGY members have had the opportunity to make a significant contribution to their school. Students have been given the chance to express opinions on school bag and sports uniform design, as well as being heavily involved in planning what the set up and running of a house system will look like.

The recent training day with GRIP Leadership involved sessions and activities including how to build leadership capacity and identify areas of initial focus.