School Makes Changes to Reduce Plastic Waste

Reducing plastic waste is a frequently discussed topic; particularly in context of the recent plastic bag ban happening within many businesses across Australia. The issue is clearly relevant and students across the country have a great opportunity to reduce disposable plastics in their community.

Hammond Park Primary School have chosen to engage with this practically through their school canteen. Their school canteen is known as ‘The Fabulous Food Factory’ and has introduced many new initiatives to lower its environmental impact. One new strategy involves reusable fabric sandwich wraps, as pictured.  Other reusable products available include reusable lunch boxes and containers, reusable milo cups, paper straws and stainless steel spoons and forks.

At Hammond Park, all food scraps from the canteen are not thrown out as waste, but are used in a worm farm.

For more ideas about reducing waste in your school connect with the Waste Wise Schools Program at:

(Photo- Waste Wise Facebook)