Students Launch Youth Magazine

On 16th April, a group of enthusiastic young people successfully launched a new youth magazine, titled ‘Young Scandal’.

Noticing that many major publications have limited material written by young people, the team behind this new magazine decided to be proactive and create something that filled the gap.

Chief editor Orla Latawski told Community News that the purpose of the magazine was to offer a first-hand account about what it means to be a young person and an outlet for opinions on the decisions impacting them.

“The whole idea is to promote the voice of young people, to show what affects us,” Latawski said.

All the profit from the magazine will go directly to Zero2Hero, a WA based mental health charity focused on empowering young people to help friends and family that might be struggling with varying mental health issues.

The magazine was launched at Stackwood in Fremantle, Western Australia, in front of young people, contributors and supporters of a range of youth activities.

Organisers of the launch said that the amount of support was unprecedented, leading to much excitement for what the future will bring.

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(Feature photo appeared in Community News publication, photographed by Martin Kennealey. Event photography by Tyler Wilce.)