Are These The Youngest Student Leaders Ever?

Official student leadership opportunities are generally first available to school students around age 11. However, at Holy Spirit Infants School, Abermain, students are awarded the opportunity to lead at a much younger age.

At this school, students as young as year two students are offered the opportunity to become school leaders. Charlene Reid, the school Principal, is pleased that the opportunities have been embraced by students of all ages.

“At other schools, children have to wait until they are in Years 5 or 6 for such opportunities. The students are wonderful role models to their buddies and the remainder of the schools. The sense of pride these children have is a credit to themselves and their families.”

Student leaders will be running the weekly awards assemblies, representing the school at Diocesan events, will form part of the Mini Vinnies Team and meet regularly with Ms Reid to discuss school events and social justice issues.

To be considered for a student leadership position, Year 1 students are invited to write a speech stating why they would make a good Year 2 leader. These speeches are then presented to the school and teachers and then voted on.

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