Maverick Makes a Difference

Maverick Garaicoa is only 12 years old, but is already being recognised as an influential young philanthropist.

After Cyclone Debbie hit Queensland a few months back, Maverick set about raising funds to donate books to schools in the affected region. Last week students at Mackay Central State School and Clontarf Beach State School met Marevick when he visited the schools to present his donation to the schools.

Dymocks Children’s Charities multiplied the contribution made by Maverick. Assisting Maverick is the SchoolAid Trust who has KATs (Kids Ambassador Teams) being rolled out nationally “helping young people change their world” with rich project based experiences. KATs involve groups of primary school leaders meeting in corporate boardrooms planning ways to make their world a better place.

To view the 7 news TV report click here.

(Pictured: Maverick Garaicoa with a representative of the School Aid Trust and Dymocks Childrens Charities, courtesy of the ABC)