Students and Teachers Dress to Impress at Nambour Christian College

Nambour Christian College was filled with colourful costumes and excited students last Book Week. Weeks of build-up lead to a combined participation across the school.

A lunch time competition was held in the school amphitheatre which attracted a crowd of interested participants and viewers. The competition was judged by a diverse panel of 5 students and teachers who scored each costume out of 10. The panel amounted to scores out of 50; reminiscent of an NBA dunk contest judging panel.

There were 4 categories to win:

  1. Best Group Costume
  2. Most Creative Costume
  3. Most Accurate Costume
  4. Best Teacher Costume

Prizes were won for each category.

Some particular students went to great lengths to paper maché and intricately construct their costumes. One student claimed to have invested over 20 hours of work into their outfit. A successful and fun event at Nambour Christian College!