Celebrating Diversity for Harmony Day

Chisholm Catholic College was buzzing with colourful traditional outfits and excitement as students arrived at school to celebrate Harmony Day on Wednesday, 17 March.

“Harmony Day is when everyone can come together to express their individuality, pride and culture,” said Sharon Beckett, a Year 11 student at the College.

This sentiment was embraced by students who came to school wearing cultural dress that reflected their family’s background and heritage, or the colour orange, symbolising harmony and diversity.

Students began the day with an assembly. An Acknowledgement of Country was followed by a colourful procession of proud student flag bearers in cultural dress, representing over 27 different countries, before Language students and Science Teacher, Mr Nguyen, read prayers in languages including English, Noongar, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese and French.

Chisholm Head Girl, Melanie Phan, and Head Boy, Liam Hardegen, spoke about the importance of cultural diversity and inclusivity within the College community.

“Harmony Day is just another reminder of the basic human dignity everyone deserves,” said Liam.

Melanie challenged students to “embrace how diverse the Chisholm community is and be proud to be a part of it with your own unique features and flavours,”

“Not only today, but every day,”

Students in the Community Relations Committee played a video compilation they had created showcasing the College’s cultural diversity, and a variety of activities including live music kept the festive spirit going throughout the day.

Deputy Principal, Nicole Huggins, said “Harmony Day at Chisholm is always a visual and powerful reminder of the many different cultural backgrounds amongst staff and students at our College and how special it is to belong to such a respectful and proud community”.

This article and photos distributed by Catholic Education Western Australia. See the original article HERE.