The Silver Project

Meet Sunwoo “Sunny” Eom and Sunmin “Annie” Eom, twins who attend Albany High School.

Sunny and Annie migrated from South Korea 3 years ago, and in January 2021 they founded the SILVER Project. The goal of the project is ‘making the world a better place by educating students to become global citizens with English proficiency and to combat socioeconomic inequality through education.’ The project is designed to directly teach global citizenship and English to students around the world via technology by pairing them with their own student instructor.

“100% of the net proceeds from student tuition and donations are used to provide access to education for underserved students” said Sunny and Annie. “We recruited like-minded peers who want to passionately contribute to the society with their talents from Albany High School and four other schools.” Together these students have built the ‘Silver community’ as ‘teachers’. Already they have fundraised $10,047.

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