Student Supplies Facemasks for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Votion, a High School student, has launched a charity called ‘Deaf Ally’ which is raising funds to supply facemasks to those deaf and hard of hearing as well as their friends and family. The masks are uniquely designed with transparent squares that reveal the mouth allowing for lip-reading.

Votion is raising money for the project by selling sticker bundles and digital portraits via her online website. The purpose behind the masks is to help realise that American Sign Language (ASL) is not just a language, it’s also a form of expression.

“I learned in my ASL class that people that are deaf or hard of hearing need to read lips or facial expressions so they can understand better (and) communicated with those who are hearing,” Votion said.

Votion plans to deliver the first masks to Sunshine Cottage School this month.

You can support the cause, and purchase goods which fund the masks, at the website HERE.

Read the full and original article by ABC KSAT HERE.
Photo Credit: Deaf Ally Instagram page.