Volunteering a Key to Job Search Success

Edith Cowan University has described volunteering as an important attribute to have when looking for a job in addition to getting a degree. According to online jobs website Seek, 95% of employers rate volunteering positively and many consider it as credible as paid work experience.

Volunteering makes you an attractive candidate in the world of work, explains Michelle Moss from ECU’s Careers and Leadership Services Unit.

“It demonstrates that you’re a people person. Our volunteers spend a lot of time with individuals from diverse backgrounds,” she says.

“If you have this mix of working with people from different walks of life, that’s seen as a plus as it demonstrates flexibility. Volunteering really enhances your soft skills which is what future employers want.”

One way to find volunteering opportunities is to search reputable volunteering agencies at a State and National level. Furthermore, the time spent volunteering can also lead to paid working opportunities.

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Photo Credit: Edith Cowan University