Isolation Fundraiser for Red Kite by Suncoast Christian College Student Leaders

Suncoast Christian College Year 12 leaders have designed a competition to be completed at home during isolation in order to raise funds for the charity Red Kite. The competition involves students and staff creating their own red kite at home and posting it online for judging – the winner will have pizzas delivered to their house.

“We have seen and heard of the blessing Red Kite has been to a variety of families and decided as a Year 12 cohort that we wanted to be a part of that…” Said the student leaders. ” This is a cause we can all get behind and truly make a difference, partnered with us in our fundraising efforts we can really help to make these families’ lives better.”

The competition details have been listed on a webpage, with competition entries able to uploaded there also.

Photo Credit: Suncoast Christian College