St Joseph’s Primary School Create Drive-Through Mother’s Day

St Joseph’s Primary School, Pemberton has run a drive-through style Mother’s Day celebration with nearly all student’s mothers being greeted by students to say “thank you” and provide a takeaway morning tea.

Usually, the day would be celebrated with a morning tea on-site but this could not take place in 2020 due to government regulations. “We’ve got 31 families and apart from a couple who couldn’t get out of work commitments or were away, we had almost all of them,” said Principal, Brett Wilkie.

Year 3 Tessa Bendotti-Van Der Spil shared her experience saying, “It was really special for the mums, because they could each drive-through and spend a few minutes with their children. My mum had a big smile on her face and she really loved the morning tea as well.”

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Photo credit: Manjimup-Bridgetown Times