Six Tips to Succeed at School Online

Found yourself attending school online for the rest of this term, and maybe into Term 2? Edith Cowan University has released an article with 6 tips to make sure you can succeed in your student responsibilities while getting it done at home.

1. Create a dedicated workspace
Make sure you create a designated space where your productivity can happen. Research shows that doing so increases focus.

2. Create a routine for yourself
Having a morning routine that leads into a structured day-plan will create a rhythm for success whether you are studying, planning an online leadership team initiative or completing some personal admin. It also ensures others in your house know you are still determined to get things done.

3. Plan your day
Online calendar, diary, whiteboard or ECU Wall Planner – whatever it is that works for you, have a plan!

4. Make some time to move each day
We all know it – including exercise somewhere in the day is good for your mood, mind and body!

5. Find a small moment of joy in each day
Whatever it looks like for you – schedule something that will bring you joy! It could be a group-chat with friends, a wrestle with the dog, baking your favourite cookies or a family board game. It’s up to you!

6. Stay connected
Social distancing is essential, but, it’s also important to not let yourself feel isolated. Technology means we don’t have to be lonely so make sure you reach out.

Read the full original article, including more in-depth information on each tip, from ECU HERE.