Blue Dragon Offers Student Leaders the Opportunity to Impact Children in Vietnam

Not-For-Profit organisation Blue Dragon has partnered with Halogen Australia to offer students leaders the opportunity to learn about, and be involved in, their work with vulnerable children in Vietnam.

The organisation has impacted more than 50,000 children and family members by rescuing kids from danger, reuniting them with their families when possible, and providing all the services needed for recovery and growth.

Present at the National Young Leaders Day in Brisbane was Trong, who currently lives in Australia, having been rescued by Blue Dragon. Trong’s little brother passed away when playing in a river with his friend, while the rest of his family struggles with health issues.

Trong shared that through Blue Dragon he is developing lifeskills and now knows the person he would like to become.

Trong says of Blue Dragon, “Maybe my thinking would be different if I didn’t have positive things to focus on.”

Students at the National Young Leaders Day were encouraged to consider Blue Dragon as a worthwhile cause for school fundraising projects. A special section of the Blue Dragon website equips schools with all the info required CLICK HERE.

You can read more about Blue Dragon HERE and watch Trong’s story HERE.