Redlynch State College Student Leaders Mass Spread Random Acts of Kindness

Redlynch State College Primary and Secondary students have embraced the opportunity to show random acts of kindness (RAKs) across their school community. The projected was completed in collaboration with local radio station Star 102.7 Cairns.

The project aimed to, “promote a sense of citizenship within our students and teach them how great it feels to do something for someone else.” When students completed their RAK they passed on a RAK card to the person in order to encourage them to show a random act of kindness to someone else.

Years 4 and up were encouraged to use their RAK for a relative or member of the community while students from Prep to Year 3 worked together to deliver their RAK as a class.

Story sourced from Redlynch State College and QLD Education post HERE.
Photo credit: QLD Education as seen HERE.