Our 5 Favourite Student Leader Success Stories from September

Every day we share success stories of student leaders who are making a difference with great ideas. We believe that they are all excellent ideas, but here are our 5 favourites from September…

Peninsula Grammar Students Write Performance to Support Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Peninsula Grammar music and drama students have raised funds through an original performance entitled “The Arrival Revisited”. All proceeds from the student-led production performed over two nights were donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC). The students wrote the production based on Shaun Tan’s book “The Arrival” and included music that they had composed themselves. Read the original article HERE.

Albany Senior High School Students Clean Up Their Community

Four students from Albany Senior High School have organised an “Albany Clean Up” project. The students led a team of thirty volunteers on the project which cleaned up multiple sites in the local area. The project had started after Toby had received a text from one of his friends saying that, “Coral reefs are dying,” which he says inspired him to start the Clean Up team. Read the original article HERE.

Suncoast Christian College Students Organise “Fluro Friday” Mental Health Event

Suncoast Christian College student leaders have run an inaugural “Fluro Friday” event to raise awareness about mental health at their school. They ran the event by partnering with not-for-profit company “One Wave is All it Takes”. The students came up with the idea after recognising a need to start the conversation about mental health at their own school. The student leaders organised a wall on which peers could stick fluro notes about their own personal concerns, as well as a panel to speak on the topic. Read the original article HERE.

Kingsgrove Students Organise Multicultural Day for Community

Kingsgrove North High School students have worked in collaboration with staff and community organisations to run Multicultural Day at their school. Included in the day were costumes worn and food stalls prepared by students to represent a variety of different cultures. Read the original article HERE.

St Peters Lutheran College Students Complete Backpack Challenge

More than 20 students from St Peters Lutheran College got involved with the 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge last week. The challenge involved students living off only a few essential items which they carry in their backpack. The students used the opportunity to raise funds to provide welfare for refugee children. Some students added extra challenges for themselves including no speaking, no private transport and no phone access. Read the original article HERE.