Geelong Students Teach Sustainability

‘Kids Teaching Kids’ is a movement promoting student engagement in environment and conservation projects. This week in Australia has been ‘Kids Teaching Kids Week’, with schools across the country being involved in local activities.

An annual event in the Geelong area was embraced by numerous local schools, hosted at Serendip Sanctuary in Lara. During the event, kids share their knowledge of sustainability issues with each other.

In this photo above, students are teaching each other about bees. Through the “human knot” game, the students from Hopper’s Crossing are demonstrating how bees cooperate in a hive.

Vanessa Wiggenraad, who coordinated the event in Lara, said that the event helped students develop leadership skills and gave them a level of empowerment. At this particular event, students focused on teaching each other about protection of local flora and fauna.

Photo credit: Kids Teaching Kids Facebook Page