Marist Regional College Students Create Daffodil Day Flower Stalls

Marist Regional College Year 7 students are busy preparing flower stalls for Daffodil Day this Friday 23 August.

The students created the event after some of their teachers were diagnosed with cancer with all funds raised going to the Cancer Council. Teacher Nicki Rogers explained, “They wanted to find a way to give back to the community. It wasn’t even prompted by me, it was prompted by the kids.”

The students are collecting the flowers for sale from various members of the community, including one class member who will collect daffodils from her dairy farm home. The students are confident of success after a month of planning including, “Put[ting] a lot of posters around… we were smart, we put them where the food is.” As explained by student Milana Thorp. Read more about Daffodil Day HERE.

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Photo Credit: Simon Sturzaker