Stawell’s Sustainability Ninjas!

Stawell Primary School students are taking part in a new initiative helping them to learn about and address sustainability in a hands-on way. The ‘Eco Ninja’ program involves grade three and four students aiming to make the school more sustainable.

The students involved are each a part of a ‘ninja’ groups – biodiversity, energy, waste or water. The program is something fun for students that also makes a difference.

Teacher Lisa Fleming says that “The ninjas program is something all of the kids have really enjoyed and gotten right into,” and that, “It is about educating them and helping them to make a change. If we can create awareness even in one person that will have that flow on effect.”

To read more about Stawells sustainability ninjas see the original article on The Stawell Times HERE

Photo credit: Lachlan Williams as appeared in The Stawell Times