Lincoln Looks to Build a School

In October 2018, Lincoln Spalding, a prep student at Mueller College in Queensland, launched a website called ‘Galaxy Cat’. It was created to help raise money for a group from his school going on a trip to Cambodia to help build a house for a family In need. A design of a cat floating in outer space was created and various merchandise products featuring the design could be purchased on Lincoln’s website.

Lincoln raised $532.66 for the school trip but is determined to continue to help others and has a new goal in sight. He has recently announced that he would like to raise enough money to build a school in Cambodia, costing $75,000 USD. The school will be built for a community in need and have 5 classrooms. Lincoln is passionate about providing the opportunity for education to those in need and believes that the school will provide education, health and well-being to a community who desperately need it.

The original Galaxy Cat merchandise can still be purchased but new designs are coming soon as well. Donations can also be made through the website.

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