Student Voice Makes Peers More Comfortable

Students are taking initiative and making their voices heard in a professional manner, influencing real change in their classrooms and schools. One committee, led by Mather High School students, serves as a platform to explore solutions regarding students who “didn’t feel comfortable coming to school, weren’t paying attention in class, and sometimes skipped lessons altogether”.

The committee at Mather employed many strategies in order to find the cause of this problem, they interviewed teachers and classmates, even researching what other schools were doing. They concluded that in order to improve student’s attitude towards schooling they needed to improve the relationship between staff and students at the school.

Senior student Minaz Khatoon summarised that, “students would feel much more comfortable in class and teachers would feel more motivated to work and have a mutual respect between them so these problems would decrease.” Even the research proves that “students who had better relationships with their teachers have higher grades and more self-confidence,” informs Anna Morys (senior student).

Some of the committee’s being formed involve students from multiple high schools. They are tackling big issues that regard the overall school experience and results have proved valuable on many occasions.

To read more about the Student Voice Committee’s and the changes taking place across a range of schools, access the original article published on The 74 Million HERE.