New Book: Beyond This Moment

Beyond This Moment is a new book by popular youth speaker Nathan ‘Dubsy’ Want. Launched last week, this book gives teens practical tools to navigate life’s important moments.

“The book designed to help young people navigate the inescapable moments that will come in their lifetime” says Dubsy. “Moments of triumph. Moments of struggle. Moments of grief. Moments of decision. Moments that can change lives.”

The book contains 17 ‘bite sized’ chapters, each based on a different topic including dreams, choices, stress, tragedy, confidence, attitude and many more.

“Beyond This Moment is a life hack that every young person needs. To every young person, you are the future (no pressure) but you are not alone. I love how Dubsy has tackled the most important moments you’ll face and has given you what you need to move forward” says Daniel Flynn, Co-founder of  Thankyou, and Best Selling Author of Chapter One.

Dylan Parker, the Inspiration for the film ‘Paper Planes’, says “This book contains more wisdom, hope & limitlessly useful advice than anything I’ve read, ever. In life our aspirations and goals often seem so far away, or even impossible, but reading this should give you the tools to make amazing things happen for yourself.”

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