Student Leaders Activate Mental Health Week

The student leaders at St Mary’s Anglican Girls School in Perth organised a successful week of activities to engage students in Mental Health Week. Held from September 3rd-7th, the activities were led by the the Wellbeing Ambassadors, Lily and Talea.

Monday featured a silent disco and a ‘smile’ photo booth. Tuesday featured a flash mob meditation and well as a ‘treat yourself wheel’ where students could spin a wheel to reward themselves with a relaxation treat. Wednesday featured a giant outdoor Zumba session, and on Thursday was a whole-school massage train as well as a musical lip-sync battle.

Whilst many of the activities had an obvious link to encouraging mental health, the Wellbeing Ambassadors also created a video to inform their peers of helpful mental health strategies.

To watch a video made by the student leaders to promote Mental Health Week click here.

To watch a video of the giant outdoor Zumba session click here.


Photo: Facebook