Lending a Hand to Solomon Islands Sister School

Come the end of VCE exams, fourteen year twelve students from St Peter’s College Cranbourne are setting off on a trip to the Solomon Islands. The trip will see students lending a helping hand to their sister school, Bishop Epalle Catholic School. This is the 7th year of the relationship between schools which St Peter’s principal Chris Black describes has continually grown from “strength to strength”.

The community around Honiara has been severely impacted by recent floods and in 2017, St Peter’s students helped raise money to provide Bishop Epalle with a new staff room, library and IT centre. This contribution will continue with students on the trip planning to assist with rebuilding the community, teaching primary classes and undertaking maintenance work around the school.

Chris Black describes the trip as the perfect opportunity for students to, “put into practice all they have learnt and been exposed to in their time at St. Peter’s College about the importance of social justice, and how individuals can make a real impact when they come together with a common cause.”

Photo: The presentation of the donation from St Peter’s students on a previous visit to Bishop Epalle Catholic School.

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