Students Launch School News Program

Year 5 and 6 students at Guildford Grammar School in Western Australia have formed a ‘News Team’ consisting of 6 reporters and 5 crew.

‘G News,’ is a fortnightly news bulletin produced, edited and anchored by students, for students. The show reports on any news or events happening within the school community. With a green screen provided; it is then completely up to the students to pitch a story, do the research, conduct interviews and organise the filming.

The initial Idea came from year 6 teacher, Sam Day, who had been making video’s with the students in his class and wanted to extend and increase this opportunity for others. The majority of ideas come from the students on the news team themselves, and they are also the ones who put in the hard work, making the production happen.

Watch episodes of G News on the school Youtube Channel HERE.

The original article regarding G News was published on Tuesday August 14th 2018 in ‘The West Australian’.