Students Support Homelessness

The Year 10 Student Leadership Team at Gympie State High School are making a significant contribution, in conjunction with Community Action Gympie.

The team was able to choose between numerous community initiatives, and decided on a project involving the provision of care packages to those affected by homelessness. The care packages will coincide with the Homelessness Sleepout, to take place in August.

“We’re going to do a big school drive where everybody brings in something for a male, a female and families, everyday items they might need and all that sort of thing” said Ms Jo Chambers, Head of Year 10.

The students have been raising money since last year, selling ‘random acts of kindness’ wrist bands (pictured).

To read the full original article in the Gympie Times CLICK HERE.

Photo credit: Renee Albrecht as appeared in the Gympie Times