Student Entrepreneurship and Engagement Event

When we think of ‘leadership’ in school, too often students are caught waiting for leadership positions to be given to them. On April 23rd, Crimson Education held a seminar on Innovative Leadership and Extra-curriculars in Melbourne and challenged students to create their own leadership roles. This is referred to as ‘Leadership Entrepreneurship.’ Whether this be starting a club at school, leading a community project or creating a competition. What leadership roles could you take on?

At the seminar, students were also encouraged to be more critical of their after school and extracurricular activities. In any year, students will spend hundreds of hours on these activities. Picking ones that are of the most benefit and scaling back the ones that are less suitable can go a long way to accelerating your development.

The advice from Crimson Education is that every six months a student should run an “Activities Audit”. See where you’re spending your time in any given week, set goals for what you want to achieve, which activities you want to take to the next level and which activities you should place less focus on. It’s also worth looking at getting involved in organisations like Youth Parliament, UN Youth and UNICEF Ambassadors to give yourself a chance to mingle outside of school.

Crimson Education specialises in US and UK university applications. When applying to the US, your leadership and extracurricular profile can account for more than 30% of your application. As a result, Crimson offers a personalised leadership mentoring service. For more information visit