Students Collaborating Across the World

At we love sharing ideas of students turning their ideas into action. The best thing about this idea is that students all over the world can be a part of it.

10-year-old Digger Watts joined forces with the founders of reverse incubator Scrappi to create this platform to get kids excited about writing stories! The idea is simple… start writing a story and allow others from around the world to add to it!

The project is called ‘Your Secret Sauce’ and the team behind-the-scenes aims is to bring kids from all over the world together to have fun online whilst increasing literacy levels across the globe.

In a world that in increasingly connected global, this initiative allows students to have the experience of being involved in a truly international project as individuals, as class, or as a student leadership team.

Visit the homepage at and watch Digger Watts explain what it’s all about. Then get involved!