Episode 28 - Lessons from Cotton On

If you want to make a difference in the world, there is lots to be learned from what fashion giant Cotton On are doing through their foundation. In this episode Ronan is joined by Sean Purcell from the Cotton On Foundation, and they break down some of the valuable lessons that student leaders can apply to their own projects.

Episode 27 - Strengths, Planning and Fundraising

In episode 27 of the Podcast Cam and Caleb practically advise students how they can discover their strengths and weaknesses, Caleb shares a BLT he learnt whilst competing in a triathlon and Cam talks about Woolworths “Earn & Learn ” Program which you can find out more about here on https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/discover/earn-and-learn   We hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast and make sure to send questions in or videos

Episode 26 - 222 Boots & Your Best

Caleb and Emily share some of their favourite ideas they have heard and learnt recently in this episode of the podcast. Caleb pulls apart some of the recent soccer results to share a BLT and Emily shares a funny tour tale that happened whilst doing some training recently.

Episode 25 – Challenges, Focus and Flexibility

Caleb and Cam celebrate reaching the 25th episode of the Student Leadership News Podcast with a new segment, where Caleb challenges Cam to come up with an idea in just a minute! They also answer some questions from student leaders and Caleb shares a story about how his mountain climbing turned into a big leadership lesson – which he shares as his best leadership tip. Watch the podcast on our

Episode 24 - Riding Bikes and Teamwork

Cam and Andy share highlights of their recent travels in New Zealand. The chat focuses on the top 3 ways to work as a team, as well as the importance of character. Cam also shares his favourite idea relating to supporting a cause. To watch the video version of this episode go to our Youtube channel or Facebook page.

Episode 23 - Girls Who Glow

In this special episode Emily is joined by Teigan Nash, co-founder of Girls Who Glow. ‘Teigs’ gives some special leadership insights from her work with girls, and her own experience. We reckon that everything in this episode is great advice for fellas too! Teigs is well known from her time hosting Saturday Disney, for her current TV hosting appearances, and being part of the hosting team of the current National Young

Episode 22 - Focus and Character

Emily and Ronan chat through all the favourite segments. Hear about the mega mural, the importance of focus, and the core character traits of a student leader. The story about Vanessa is pretty cool too.  To watch the video version of this episode go to our Youtube channel or Facebook page.

Episode 21 - Priorities and Melting Moments

To record this episode we trek back to Rockhampton where our very first podcast episode occured a year ago. We chat about the importance of priorities, a new youth fund… and melting moments. We also unpack a very special ‘Top 3’ list! To watch the video version of this episode go to our Youtube channel or Facebook page.

Episode 20 - Welcome to 2019

Our podcast makes it into it’s second year, and the original hosting team of Cam and Ronan take the mics. After chatting about Christmas, we talk about a great way for new student leaders to learn important lessons from last years student leaders, and other tips for starting the year strong. To watch the video version of this episode go to our Youtube channel or Facebook page.

Episode 19 - Best Tour Tales of 2018

One of the segments that adds lots of life to our podcast is ‘Tour Tales’. We share stories from our adventures on the road working with student leaders far and wide. This episode is a ‘Best Of’ … with our favourite tour tales from 2018. You might not learn lots about leadership, but you’ll laugh lots with our hosts. The main podcast episodes will be back for 2019 commencing on