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Student Leaders Stepping Up to Hire the Principal

In Victoria, Australia, upcoming changes will see every school in the state include students joining adults on the school council, not only a separate student council. This will mean that students will have an even greater leadership responsibility in the school, involved in budgets, policies, and in some staff matters. Some schools have already chosen to include students in this function. Victorian Education Minister James Merlino said “We want our

Students Take the Lead  with 'Reading Buddy'

At we are always on the lookout to share examples of students leading in practical ways. We recently heard about the ‘Reading Buddy’ at St Augustine’s College in Sydney. The successful program involves senior students reading to Years 5 and 6 students on a one-on-one basis. The Seniors are well-equipped to impart reading tips following the completion of a Reading Immersion Program with the Learning Support and Enrichment Coordinator. The

Now That's What You Call a Mural!

We love sharing great ideas on This week we heard about a big unveiling at Glen Huntly Primary School. The key word is BIG. Hayley Kringas and Ross Donnan are parents at the school and gifted designers. Working alongside the student leaders, the amazing mural (pictured) was painted in the area where school assemblies are held. And apparently there are more to come. To read the article on the

Student Voice Expert to Speak in Australia

On 10th October 2017 Mount Waverley Secondary College is hosting an open event with globally recognised student voice expert Dr Russell Quaglia. Based in Florida, USA, Russell is visiting Australia as a keynote speaker at the National ACEL conference in Sydney. Those in Melbourne have the opportunity to hear Russell at the special event at Mount Waverley. In addition to Dr. Quaglia’s Keynote presentation, students from Mount Waverley Secondary College will speak

Who Are the 15 Australian Leaders Hand-Picked to Speak to Students?

Halogen Australia have recently announced a list of 15 high profile Australians who will speak to students attending the upcoming National Young Leaders Day. Below you will see the list of Australians who will feature in different Australian cities. Halogen have assembled a very diverse group of speakers. The line-up includes leaders from sport, science, the arts, politics, community service, media, advocacy and business. It includes Indigenous Australians and migrant

Students Launch 'Gratitude' Project

We love sharing great ideas on This week we head about the ’30 Days of Gratitude’ project created by the Student Representative Council of Coomera Anglican College. Their mission is to spread happiness through gratitude amongst their school community, with students, teachers and parents posting images of things they are grateful for on tye school social media platforms. Examples include nature, pets, family, friends and the final day of

Free Resource: 101 Ideas for Improving Your School

GRIP Leadership is well known in Australia and New Zealand for producing practical resources for student leaders. The brand new book ‘101 Ideas for Improving Your School’ is currently available as a FREE DOWNLOAD. It is packed with plenty of ideas to get student leaders active in positive ways. To access instantly go to:

5 Ideas for Using Fidget Spinners for the Better

Sure, they can be a nuisance! If your school has ruled them out then fair enough. If not, we have come up with 5 ideas that student leaders can implement to capitalise on the current enthusiasm surrounding fidget spinners. 1. Learn About Autism Much has been said about the benefit that a fidget spinner can have for a student with autism. Why is this? Instead of us writing the answer

University and Primary School is Ideal Partnership

Student leaders naturally want to make a difference. Instead of trying to think up a brand new idea, make a phone call to a nearby university and ask if your school can help with their research. Deakin university recently contacted a study, based on nutrition, and required a large number of primary school students to help out with some health eating. What a great idea for the student leaders to

Students Benefit from Mentoring Program

Lots of high school leaders are keen to mentor younger students, and often they don’t know how to get a program off the ground. The article (linked below) shows the advantage of linking this kind of program across a primary school and a high school. Much can also be said for linking the program to academic learning, giving a concrete context for leadership to take place. For the full article