222 Pairs of Footy Boots

Max Beadle is just 14-years old, from Broome in Western Australia. This year, Max moved to Melbourne to study at Caufield Grammar. The first thing he noticed when playing footy – all the players had boots. Max grew up playing for Cable Beach, where not all players had footy boots. Max decided to make a difference, setting up boxes around Melbourne for players to donate footy boots. Already, Max has collected

Zooper Dooper Thursdays

Ben Miller is a year 8  students at Kuyper Christian School. He was one of many students who visited the  Guide Dogs Centre in Glossodia last term as part of the ‘Positove Paws Project’. Ben and his peers visited the guide dog pups once a week to help with their initial training. As a result of these visits, Ben wanted to do something further to help the cause. He decided

Anzac Spirit and Anzac Biscuits

Ocean Road Primary School, in Mandurah Western Australia, rently held their annual fundraiser for Veterans 360, to tie in with their Anzac Day commemoration. The project involves the whole school. 15 staff members cooked multiple batches of Anzac biscuits. Student leaders then visited each classroom over three days selling the biscuits, raising $580 for V360 Australia (pictured). “It is extremely important we get students involved to ensure future generations have an

Students Unveil Community Art

Warrnambool East Primary School has a group of students called the ‘Community Crew’, who have unveiled a series of art pieces in their local community. The artworks all contain positive messages. “These pieces of art, (with the messages) kick the goals, jump the hurdles, be the change, see the good, enjoy the moment and respect the rules, are all things the kids have come up with,” said Mrs Carey, from the

Easter Baskets Bring a Smile

Students at Peninsula Grammar, in Mount Eliza Victoria, have completed their annual Easter basket initiative, a project which sees the school community selflessly give to children in need. This year, over 130 baskets were  filled with Easter goodies. The items were donated by students from Kindergarten to Year 12. On Good Friday, students and their families volunteers to deliver the baskets to unwell children at The Royal Children’s Hospital. “The unwell

Top 10 Photos from the National Young Leaders Day

Halogen Australia host the annual ‘National Young Leaders Day’ in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The recent season of events has concluded, and Halogen have released 10 photos that capture some of the special moments and unique aspects of this iconic annual event. The photos are below. 1) Cosentino and the Bowling Ball. Cosentino the Grand Illusionist was using a flat flip chart to explain a point, when a

Student Leaders Driver Safety Project

Student leaders from Bialik High School have created a campaign to educate their peers about driver safety. The students set up a driving simulator set up at Bialik High School, which students could use at lunchtime. Students using the similator were encouraged to speed. “Unsurprisingly, each student crashed within seconds,” reported Grade 11 student Max Laxer. “We reminded them that there is no second chance in real life.” As part

5 Uni Courses That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago

Disruptive technology, a changing climate and new industry trends means the world of work is constantly evolving. And that means universities must continue to adapt, developing new courses to allow graduates to take advantage of these changes. We asked our partner, Edith Cowan University, to shed some light on what’s changing. Here’s four new ECU courses that have been launched in the past decade. 1. Bachelor of Science (Sports Science

Students Embrace Autism Awareness Day

April 2nd was the twelfth annual World Autism Awareness Day. This day recognises and appreciates people living with autism. Parkville High School students went to great lengths to make the day a special event for all their peers to engage with. Activities included a wall of art done by students on the autism spectrum, biographies of these same students, and a selfie station for students to take pictures. When speaking about her

Full On With Fundraising

Students at St Peter’s College in Melbourne have been ‘full-on’ with fundraising for ‘Project Compassion’. In only a few short weeks students have organised a car wash, hot cross bun sales, slushy stall, ice cream stall, bake sale, nachos, zooper doopers, dessert stall and even an authentic Indian lunch. “I am very proud of our St Peter’s College students and staff who have been very creative with their fundraising” said Matthew