Free Resource: 101 Ideas for Improving Your School

GRIP Leadership is well known in Australia and New Zealand for producing practical resources for student leaders. The brand new book ‘101 Ideas for Improving Your School’ is currently available as a FREE DOWNLOAD. It is packed with plenty of ideas to get student leaders active in positive ways. To access instantly go to: leadershipdownloads.com/freeresource

Technology Superheroes

Shenton College students have been recognised as the WA State Champions of the Tech Girls are Superheroes Competition. Pictured are students from Shenton College who won the WA state award. They created an app called “Let’s Talk” designed to help the friends and family of teens with mental illness provide support for each other in order to prevent more incidences of teen suicide.  In different states Tech Girls holds different

5 Ideas for Using Fidget Spinners for the Better

Sure, they can be a nuisance! If your school has ruled them out then fair enough. If not, we have come up with 5 ideas that student leaders can implement to capitalise on the current enthusiasm surrounding fidget spinners. 1. Learn About Autism Much has been said about the benefit that a fidget spinner can have for a student with autism. Why is this? Instead of us writing the answer

Adelaide Students Win World Robotics Title

Yr 11 students from Trinity College in Adelaide were judged the winners at a global robotics competition in Washington DC. The full ABC article link is below. When a school is involved in winning an award like this it’s a sensational opportunity for student leaders to build school pride on the back of this success. To view the article go to: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-08-21/adelaide-robot-builders/8825882

University and Primary School is Ideal Partnership

Student leaders naturally want to make a difference. Instead of trying to think up a brand new idea, make a phone call to a nearby university and ask if your school can help with their research. Deakin university recently contacted a study, based on nutrition, and required a large number of primary school students to help out with some health eating. What a great idea for the student leaders to

Nominate Your Student Leadership Team as Australia's Best

Around Australia there are teams of students who go to great lengths to contribute to their school and the wider community. Halogen Australia and their partners CPA Australia have an annual award to recognise leaders who take action! If your school has a group of students who have made great strides in using influence and creating impact as a team, now is the time to tell us about it! The

Students Benefit from Mentoring Program

Lots of high school leaders are keen to mentor younger students, and often they don’t know how to get a program off the ground. The article (linked below) shows the advantage of linking this kind of program across a primary school and a high school. Much can also be said for linking the program to academic learning, giving a concrete context for leadership to take place. For the full article

Civic Reception for Penrith Primary School Leaders

On the last Wednesday in May Penrith Mayor, John Thain convened the 2017 Civic Reception for Primary School Leaders. Much could be learned from gathering with council representatives, parents, teachers and of course other student leaders from different local schools. As pictured, students were also presented with certificates.

Student Leaders Share Their Vision

A good strategy for being sure you have a vision as a student leader. Say it on camera like these leaders did. Primary students in the Toowoomba region met with their local Mayor. Students were encouraged to share their personal idea on what they would do if they were the Prime Minister. These were filmed (watch via link below to Chronicle publication). This then led to the follow-up question “what

Mt Waverley Secondary College Leaders Awarded

Halogen welcomed a high profile panel of judges aboard to help judge the outstanding student leadership team of 2016. The panel, comprising of CPA Australia Chief Executive, Alex Malley, academic Dr Susan Carland, astrophysicist Dr Alan Duffy, NITV executive Tanya Orman and Thankyou co-founder Daniel Flynn used their own wide-ranging experiences and insight to select an eventual winner from the many fabulous submissions. In 2016, Halogen is thrilled to announce