Leadership Opportunity on the World Stage

How do you like the sound of getting onto the ‘world stage’ and going to the International Youth Leadership Conference in Europe? Crimson Education has created a unique opportunity, which makes this possible for secondary students in Australia and New Zealand. Be inspired by global experts and visit renowned international organisations in Prague, Geneva, London, Cambridge and Oxford. As well as participate in the International Youth Leadership Conference the tour

7000 Penguins and 7000 Students

‘The Penguin Project’ is part of the Australian Antarctic Festival being held in Hobart from August 2 to 5. 150 students from Smithton Primary School (pictured) have painted 150 Adelie Penguin cut-outs for the festival. In total, 7000 penguin cut-outs will be painted by students across Tasmania. At studentleadership.news we love sharing great ideas that student leaders can get involved with. This idea is fantastic as it allows students to be

Students Take the Lead with Study Evening

Student Leadership is not simply performing the duties you have been given, it is being creative and commencing valuable initiatives in your school community as well. We interviewed Duncan Tolmie (pictured), Academic Captain of Westlake Boys’ High School, who is is a great example of this. Duncan leads an Academic Council of 21 students who were amongst 100 students that nominated themselves and completed a rigorous application process in order

Going Green

Dapto High School has recently established a ‘green group’ of student leaders. The group focuses on environmental issues, and has been involved in a recently opened Solar Power Data Centre. School Principal Andrew Fitzsimons said “We will push towards introducing other measures which will help the environment.” Ethan Graham, a member of the student green team agreed with his principal and said “The transition to solar is a good start but

Student Leaders Gather in Whyalla

On Friday 1st June, one hundred student leaders attended the GRIP Student Leadership Conference, an event organised in partnership between GRIP Leadership and the University of South Australia. The ten secondary schools who participated included those located in Whyalla, as well as schools who travelled from as far as Streaky Bay, Port Lincoln and Orroroo. The interactive conference sessions covered a range of practical topics, all focused on the theme

Podcast for Student Leaders- Episode 4

Listen to latest episode of the Student Leadership News Podcast. Recorded in Bendigo, this episode has more random food references than all other episodes put together. In addition to the fun, this episode looks at the top 3 ways for leaders to deal with criticism, as well as all the normal segments. To access the podcastgo to: http://studentleadership.news/podcast/  

Students Lead the Way with 'Genius Hour'

We love to share great ideas for student leaders to introduce in their school. The word ‘genius’ is often used to describe those who have a high academic intelligence. The students at Topeka Collegiate School participate in an annual ‘Genius Hour’ to showcase all kinds of different passions and talents. This certainly creates a great culture of redefining what a ‘genius’ is. This year students showed off their photography skills, previewed

St Leonards Students Take the Lead on New Addition

Gaga is a fast paced, high energy sport played in an octagonal pit. Dubbed a kinder and gentler version of dodge ball, the game is played with a soft foam ball, and combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping, while trying to hit opponents with a ball below the knees, perfect for school yards. In 2016, Jorja and Joel from St Leonards Primary School attended the GRIP Student Leadership

Student Entrepreneurship and Engagement Event

When we think of ‘leadership’ in school, too often students are caught waiting for leadership positions to be given to them. On April 23rd, Crimson Education held a seminar on Innovative Leadership and Extra-curriculars in Melbourne and challenged students to create their own leadership roles. This is referred to as ‘Leadership Entrepreneurship.’ Whether this be starting a club at school, leading a community project or creating a competition. What leadership

Once in a Lifetime Leadership Masterclass

The student leaders at Moriah College, Sydney, were recently awarded the leadership experience of a lifetime when they undertook a closed door Leadership Masterclass with CPA Australia, one of the world’s largest accounting bodies. The masterclass was part of a prize awarded to Moriah College, whose student leadership team won the 2017 ATLAS Award (Australia’s Team Leadership Award for Students) which is a partnership between CPA and Halogen Australia. CPA